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We are offering 10 pieces medium size, round shape, disposable plates which could be used for serving food in any get together or event.

SIZE – Outer dimension is approx 9.5 inches and inner dimension is 8 inches.

These plates are made from naturally discarded Areca Palm Nut tree leaves (no cutting trees) . As only leaves, steam and pressure are used in their manufacturing, the material does not react with the food. The leaves that naturally get discarded are collected, pressure washed, scrubbed, sun dried, compressed and then sterilized to produce an eco-friendly, versatile & elegant food-ware that will add beauty and style to any indoor/outdoor sit down get together or buffet party. It can go straight from the package to your dinner or buffet table.


100% leak proof, resists heat from hot foods, non – odorous, and lightweight yet sturdy enough to be used with cutlery…other disposable plates made from foam, plastic are not very sturdy and need to be supported by palms when food is poured in them, while these plates maintain stiffness..

In a hurry and want to use Microwave to heat your food –
It is perfectly fine to heat your food in these plates  but only for less than 2 minutes on high (800 C).

Plates can stay in the oven temperatures (350ºF for upto 30 minutes), all you have to do is keep 6 – 8 inches away from the heat source.

It is absolutely fine to freeze your food in the refrigerator (SEE PICTURE – plate inside fridge).

If you decide to home compost it, then it will provide you with a rich soil (plates decompose in 6-8 weeks) that you would love to grow your garden vegetables or flowers in.

In India these products after one time use, are used as animal fodder.

Versatile enough to meet your indoor or outdoor party needs (SEE PICTURE – plate on dining table).

Can be washed and reused too.

Helps create jobs !

Show your guests or customers that you are environmentally conscious.

NOTE : Shelf life for the plates is only around 8-10 months before some discoloration starts appearing and this is one reason they are not sold in large quantities in the retail market.


Serving food on leaves has been a part of the daily life as well as special occasions in India. In this 21st century also, the wedding parties are incomplete without banana leaf ‘thali’ (plate) in the southern part of India and ‘dona pattal’ (bowls and plates made out of leaf) in Northern and Southern part of India both. These products when disposed would either become animal fodder, or is used as fuel to cook meals or would be left in the farm land that added nourishment to the soil without leaving any negative impact on our Earth and on the resources that our future generations would depend upon. With the changes in our living environment, customer’s attitudes and behavior changed and desire for beautiful and green products emerged. With the improvement in technology people living in the villages in India discovered a new way of producing the “Leafy FoodWare”. These leafy FoodWare are made out of Areca Palm Tree Leaves. This new invention two decades ago has brought revolution in the world of compostable FoodWare around the world and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. As we are becoming more aware of harmful effects of industrialization and modern consumption on our planet Earth and the environment, as a responsible inhabitant of this planet, we need to do our part in preserving the environment.

SOME MORE THOUGHTS – Health concerns

Today, many people in every part of the world are still consume toxic substances that come with food and food containers without knowing the fact that these substances can adversely affect humans in number of ways raises serious public health issues.

Styrene Monomer –

Found in most common plastic and styrene foam food and drink containers. According to many researches, long term exposure to small quantities of styrene can cause neurotoxic ( fatigue, nervousness, difficulty sleeping), hematological (low platelet and hemoglobin values), cytogenetic (chromosomal and lymphatic abnormalities), and carcinogenic effects….Although it has not yet been proven that styrene causes cancer in human, there is evidence that it causes cancer in animal.

Dioxin –

Formed during industrial processes involving chlorine and organic (carbon containing) matter are burned together. Garbage and medical waste, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic incinerators are leading sources of Dioxin identified by the US Environmental protection Agency…..Dioxin is a potent, cancer-causing agent, and causes reproductive harm. It has been called “the most toxic substance known to science” because of its wide array of adverse health effects and its ability to cause harm at very low exposure levels.

Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) –

Found in PVC plastic which is a common material to produce plastic food wrap, conventional food tray, rigid plastic bottle, etc. VCM is easily found when those PVC containers contact with heat. The VCM will contaminate in food. This process can happen since production process, packing process, storage, or whenever heat is involved….There are number of studies showing that VCM causes of liver cancer.


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