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This electronic circuit can be used with any sealed / flooded 12V lead acid battery to delay battery sulfation / increases battery life by 2-3 times…its users also found that less water tops were required after this was used and battery temperatures did not rise high after it was employed..

It works by sending mild electric pulses into the battery thereby preventing sulphation…to use simply hook the red wire to the positive terminal and black wire to the negative terminal…a red indicator starts flashing and the desulfator is now working on your battery…it stops automatically when battery voltage goes below 12.8V to prevent draining the battery completely as it uses some 60 milli Amperes…A microprocessor precisely controls the pulses which break up the sulphation crystals on the battery plates, preventing sulphation from ever reducing the performance of the batteries….it is recommended to be used with new batteries but can also prolong life of used / in service batteries…however, they cannot revive dead batteries…

PRESET: A preset can be used to increase / decrease the operating voltage of the desulfator…if you want the desulfator to work longer esp on old batteries you can set it to 12.5V while if you would like to maintain high energy level esp for small and new battery then a 12.9V can be set by opening the cover behind and rotating a screw.

We have been selling this since the past 4 years and is supported by certificates from 17 customers who have given us in writing that this gadget has helped prolong the life of their lead acid batteries…

Advantages of this desulfator:

1. No irreversible sulfation formation through out the battery life (if installed on new battery or within 4- 6 months ).

2. Battery will remain in peak condition.

3. Battery’s internal impedance will be reduced.

4. The electrolyte temperature will be minimum.

5. Less or almost nil distilled water topping is required.

6. No boiling of electrolyte hence no acid fumes or smelling.

7. A sulfated battery requires more electricity for charging process. This is because of high battery impedance.

8. Guaranteed double battery life in normal conditions.

We do not claim that it is a remedy or substitute for below things:-

1. Periodic checking of water level.

2. Cleaning of battery terminals and coat of petroleum jelly.

3. Checking of inverter output (proper battery charging).


1) Reverse polarity protection with a fuse…the fuse in the wire of the circuit will get blown if by mistake you connect the black wire to the positive red terminal of the battery and red wire to the black negative terminal of the battery…so please connect it to the battery carefully…after connecting it is recommended to permanently bolt the wires to the battery terminals…

2) Not water proof – If during car / truck cleaning process this circuit gets flooded in water it may get permanently damaged…


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