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Easy to use & accurate !

This gadget can be used to check the energy level of all commonly used AAA, AA, C, D, 9V and button cells…A very useful gadget, must have for every home and office.

Features –

Self powered – Does not need any additional power source to work.
Easy-to-read digit indicates power level.

Used to test the following sizes:

1.5V:AAA, HP16, MN2400, R03
AA, HP7, MN1500, UM3
C, HP11, MN1400, SP11, LR14, UM2
D, HP2, MN1300, SP2, R20,UM1
9V: PP3, MN1604, 6F22, 006Pd

Size: 105x40x25mm
Weight: 50g

Package Includes: 1x battery tester


Earlier I had seen people using their tounges to test the strength of a battery…somehow, I could never figure out how it works…next I came across the analog type battery testers…however display screen was small and they were designed for 1.5V dry cells while I mostly use rechargeable 1.2V NiMh cells…These cells show full voltage at 1.44V and have been drained by 1.00 V…with the analog type testers where a needle moves over a scale it is very difficult to know the precise energy level of a battery…This gadget has a clear, big LCD display to show battery voltage…it itself acts like a load on the battery and there is no other power source needed…

We at Solar Store, Lucknow India have invested in plastic dies to make AAA to AA cell converters. Now, we are also offering complete solar cell charging kits which can
The solar cell chargers being offered do not have indicators to show battery is fully charged, so we can use this kind of a meter to test the energy level in  a battery and then decide whether to leave the cells in the solar charger for more charging or to bring them inside if no more charging is necessary.

Also you can test commonly use non rechargeable AAA, AA, C , D , 9V used in homes to check their energy status to decide if they are worth keeping or it is time to throw them away…


A traditional inexpensive battery tester consists of an analog meter with Red/Yellow/Green zones. If the needle moves into the Green zone, the battery is said to be ‘Good’. If the needle stays in the Red zone, the battery is considered ‘Bad’. One problem is that since the tester is calibrated for alkaline batteries, it does not work correctly for rechargeable NiMH or NiCd batteries. Even a fully charged NiMH battery will end up in Red or Yellow zone, because it has a lower operating voltage than alkaline battery.

– A fresh alkaline battery has a voltage reading of 1.6V. The battery voltage drops linearly with usage. By the time it drops below 1.3V, the battery is about 50% exhausted.

– A fully charged NiMH battery starts from around 1.35V. During operation, its voltage remains fairly constant at around 1.2V, until the battery is nearly exhausted, and then the voltage falls off rapidly.

This product on the other hand, has a digital readout for battery voltage. Based on the voltage reading and the battery type, the user can make an informed decision on the battery status.

For example, if you put a NiMH battery in this tester and it shows over 1.3V, the battery is fully charged. If it shows less than 1.25V, the battery is nearly exhausted. The difference between ‘full’ and ’empty’ is just 0.05V, which is why traditional battery testers are useless in reporting the status of rechargeable batteries.

I have checked the voltage readings from this battery tester against that of my La Crosse BC1000 charger and DT830B multimeter. The readings are all consistent.

– The meter presents itself as a light load to the battery being tested, since it draws around 40mA from the battery.
– If the battery being tested is nearly dead (under 1V), the meter will not power up.


“This thing works really well and is nicely built. Just slip a battery into the testing slot, slide the red adjustment arm into place, and you get an instant digital readout of your battery’s current voltage.

Does Not Run on Batteries – This tester is powered by whatever battery you’re testing, so no need for a power source or batteries of its own. Nice.

Even Tests Button Cells. Yup, you can test AA, AAA, D, C 9v and even button cell batteries.

Nice LCD Screen. It’s not backlit or anything, but the numbers are large and easy to read, even without glasses.”

“This meter is very accurate and saves you from throwing away perfectly working batteries.”

– – –

“I collect remote control vehicles and use batteries around the house profusely. This tool gives the exact voltage of the batteries from AAA to 9V and lets you know how much battery you have left. With It I can identify if one battery is lower than others and replace it to increase the battery life of the others. For rechargeable batteries you can keep track of the changes in the amount of charge they are accepting and if they are loosing capacity. Best thing is it doesn’t need a battery, it uses the charge from the battery you are testing.”

– – –

“This tester is really nice for the price. I have used testers that cost ten times more then what I paid for this Tester….. Great tester!!!”

SHIPPING TIME – Please give us 1 week time to organize packing & delivery.

So, my personal recommendation would be to have this kind of a kit in every home !

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