1000W Inverter


Weight :80 Gm

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Item Description: Convert DC 12V electricity source into AC 220V power…this is not a pure sine wave inverter…Also it is not a battery charger and it cannot charge a 12V battery…

Widely used for all kinds of electric equipments which power consumption are less than 1000W and which voltage are equal to AC 220V, such as cell-phone, portable computer, electric light, digital camera, TV, CD player, DVD, electric fan, electric tool and so on.

How to determine what products are 1000W power?…this can be seen from the specification mentioned on the gadget…for example…220V x 4.55 Amps = 1000W…

USER REVIEW – Worked on :

The desktop computer could power ON…

The lights, fans and cooler worked fine…

the 29 inch CRT color TV worked but black line disturbances could be seen…

the 750W Press also worked…

Did not work –

1000W heating rod for heating water;

The fridge did not work as it needs pure sine wave and 5-6 times high surge current

1200W stone cutter also would power ON but trip when load was applied…

It is made from advanced PWM CMOS chip, and can work in the state of ultrasonic sound, which diminish the bulk and weight and make the circuit work without noise…It has a no load power of 10W when switched ON…ordinary transformer based inverters use 50-60W even without any load…


Input voltage: 10.5-15 V DC

Output voltage: 210V – 240V AC

Power rating: 1000W

On/Off switch control the fan

Automatic Thermal Shutdow

Overload Protection – Automatically trips if demand for power is high and restarts

CAUTION – No Reverse Polarity Protection…circuit will get damaged if accidentally the black wire is connected to RED +12V terminal of battery and red wire to Black -12V terminal of battery…so may be better to permanently connect the wires to battery terminals using nuts & bolts…

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